ComAfrique is a Limited Company registered with the Gambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry since 2001.

ComAfrique Vision : We believe that self sufficiency is attainable through honest & dedicated work. Agro-produce and their sensible exploitation are the key to independence from insensible imports and are the key to the eradication of un-employment – and thus to economic independence. A fusion between the development sector and the commercial sector is the ideal way forward and ComAfrique have shown that cohesion between the two can yield sustainable results in the right direction. Comafrique have also a vision that renewable sources of energy are key to the future. We are thus looking at a Green planet through Agriculture as well as the extensive use of renewable sources of Energy.

Our LOGO : The ComAfrique of course resembles the Cashew Kernel but also stands for our Commitment to Commodities, their Commercialisation, about Care for the Community we live in , for the Crops and of course also for Cash and Currency the vital tools for the country's development.

Our Areas of Business :

We principally have been in the domain of Agro-Produce. We have played a major role in the popularisation of
the export of agro-produce and have stressed on diversification of exports from the traditional Peanuts to important cash crops like
Cashewnuts, Sesame and Hibiscus. We continue to explore marginal local crops with export potential. We have ventured into other business areas and currently are concentrating on Simple SOLAR Solutions for AFRICA. We have taken up the distrbution of INTELIZONs products for Africa.(see. ZONLIGHT & ZonHOME).

As related to Agriculture, we have also taken up distribution of Veterinary products from CIPLA India.

The Team : ComAfrique has a dedicated team comprising of Expatriate & Gambian Managers & Supervisors.

In line with our vision, ComAfrique provides direct and indirect Employment to over 50 persons.

Our Managing Director Mr. Ram Mohan is also the Honorary Consul General of India to The Gambia. Mr. Ram Mohan is also the Chairman & Managing Director of Safari Motors (Gambia) Ltd - franchisee of TATA MOTORS LTD.

Thus in addition to ComAfriques' Commercio-Socio agenda promotion of Co-operation & interaction between the two nations imbibes itself into the ComAfrique culture.